Kedarnath Dham is most famous among 12 Jyotirlingas: Know the facts about it

Kedarnath Dham is the highest place in the twelve Jyotirlingas and every Hindu goes to Kedarnath Dham once in his life. Kedarnath Dham is associated with Lord Shiva and many other stories about Kedarnath Dham are also famous. According to a story related to Kedarnath temple, Lord Shiva had appeared at this place. Since then, his worship started here.

According to the most famous story related to Kedarnath Dham, after the Mahabharata war all the Pandavas had gone to Kedarnath to get rid of all the sins made by them, and Pandavas had gone here and performed penance of Lord Shiva. Shiva Ji was pleased with the penance of the Pandavas and appeared before them as bulls. Since then the Swambhu Ling of Lord Shiva was established here and this Ling was worshiped.

At this place, the temple of Shiva was established by the Guru Shankaracharya and the idol of Dripapati along with five Pandavas was also installed outside the main cave of this temple. This temple was made from Katari style. After Kedarnath's crackdown has opened every year, millions of people come here to worship Lord Shiva's Linga . It is a belief of people that after coming to Kedarnath and worshiping Lord Shiva, every kind of suffering is overcome. This year too, Kedarnath's feats have been opened and you too can go to this temple and meet Lord Shiva and fulfill his every maze.

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